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Helicopter charter is licensed and approved by the Irish Aviation Authority and the department of transport and as such is  subject to the rules and regulations imposed by both Department s.  Specific regulations regarding landing area rules, aircraft loading, low flying and pilot duty hours apply to all flights undertaken.  In the interests of flight safety, and on behalf of EXECUTIVE HELICOPTERS , the pilot is the sole judge as to which rules and regulations are applicable.


All bookings for flights must be confirmed to EXECUTIVE HELICOPTERS  in writing (post, e-mail or fax) and under no circumstances shall Executive Helicopters be liable for their failure to provide an aircraft for any flight which has not been so confirmed.


Quotations are valid for a period of 30days .

PRICING: - A pre-booked flight for which a quotation has been given will be invoiced to the customer at the quoted price.  Where the customer requires a change to the itinerary which was not envisaged in the quotation Executive Helicopters shall be entitled to charge at their normal rate for any additional time flown or expenses incurred including following a diversion to another airfield due to adverse weather or other operational reasons.  Executive Helicopters shall endeavour to arrange for passengers to be conveyed to their destination or returned to the point of departure (at the customer’s option) as soon as reasonably possible.

Charter by Flying Time (Hourly Rate)

If an hourly rate of charge is quoted, it will either be calculated by the elapsed time in the air and is charged pro rata to the higher first decimal place of an hour (10th of hour) between each take off and landing or by the elapsed time the aircraft rotor blades have been turning.  All disbursements are charged.  These are for  example, airport/heliport landing charges, accommodation and field fuel facilities. A minimum flying hour charge may be quoted where extensive availability of the helicopter is required with little actual flying time involved.

Charter by Fixed Price

The quotation provides an all-inclusive price for a specific service of helicopter availability, flying time and ancillary costs.  Any additional availability, flight or costs incurred due to the customer changing the requirements from that quoted will be subject to additional charge. Reduced requirements will not necessarily be subject to reduced charge, which will in any case be solely at the discretion of EXECUTIVE HELICOPTERS Helicopters.


All cancellations shall be made to Executive Helicopters in writing (post, e-mail or fax) failing which no notice shall be deemed to have been given. Any flight cancelled by the customer will be subject to cancellation fees at the following scale of charges:

Cancellation Notice Charge – General Flights

  • Less than 7 days 10% of total cost
  • Less than 48 hours 25% of total cost
  • Less than 24 hours 50% of total cost

If no notice is given or be deemed to have been given, 90% of the total cost or the full charge for any flying which has been undertaken, whichever is the greater, will be payable by the customer.

Cancellation Notice Charge Special/corporate events during the months May-September

  • Less than 30 days 25% of total cost
  • Less than 15 days 50% of total cost
  • Less than 7 days 75% of total cost

In the event of cancellation or early termination of flights due to weather:

  1. Executive Helicopters will endeavour to re-assign bookings to a day/s of suitable weather, subject to helicopter and crew availability.
  2. Whilst Executive Helicopters will endeavour to advise of the likelihood of unsuitable weather, it accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of any forecast provided.
  3. Executive Helicopters reserves the right to charge for availability of the helicopter and  costs already incurred on behalf of the customer.

The pilot alone shall decide on the suitability of the weather for safe flight for any operation. In the event that Executive Helicopters elects to cancel a flight, Executive Helicopters shall endeavour to arrange alternative transport for the customer, if the customer so requires.  Under no circumstances shall Executive Helicopters be liable for loss incurred by customers or their passengers of whatsoever nature whether direct, indirect or consequential by reason of the cancellation or delay of a flight howsoever caused.


Executive Helicopters will not seek to limit or exclude liability to you or your family in the event you are injured or killed as a result of an accident on a flight by Executive Helicopters.  However, if you cause or contribute to your injury or death by your own  negligence, then Executive Helicopters may be exonerated from liability wholly or in part.


Unless  alternative payment arrangements have been agreed, cleared payment will be required at booking. Payment will be accepted by bankers draft,debit card or major credit/debit card.  Credit terms are by special arrangement and are on condition that all invoices must be paid upon receipt unless otherwise stated.  Failure to comply with these conditions may result in withdrawal of credit facilities.  Executive Helicopters reserves the right to charge interest on all overdue balances calculated at the rate of 5% every 30 days.


VAT will be charged at the prevailing rate as quoted.


Baggage Allowance

Baggage allowance is limited  by weight to 15kg per passenger.  To maximise the available space, we recommend non-rigid bags, the total dimension of each not to exceed 60ins (length + width + height).   Subject to space being available extra bags may be carried, however this may result in additional flight charges and/or landing fees.  Executive Helicopters reserve the right to refuse excess baggage and arrange ground transfer (at additional cost) where the above limits are exceeded.

Golf Clubs

Where golf clubs are to be carried, this requirement must be confirmed to our staff at booking, to ensure that a suitably modified helicopter is supplied.  We regret that due to limited space only 1 x standard, non-professional set (removed from hard transit case) can be carried per passenger (maximum of 4 sets).  With advance notice we can arrange ground transfer of any excess equipment at competitive rates.  Please contact our Sales staff for further information if you are in any doubt about the above limitations.     Restricted Articles in Baggage Dangerous Goods, the following articles should never be packed in baggage or carried on the aircraft in person:

Explosives – fireworks, flares, toy guns and caps Flammable & Non Flammable Gas – aerosols (over 2kg or 2 litres, camping gas cylinders.  Carbon dioxide cylinders for soda siphons, lighter refills, butane gas cylinders, filled aqua lung cylinders, mace Deeply refrigerated gases – liquid nitrogen Flammable Liquids – paints, thinners, solvents Flammable solids – firelighters Oxidising materials – bleaches 3 Organic peroxides – resin kits poisons – arsenic, cyanide, weed killer, tear gas Infectious substances – viruses and bacteria (which would affect humans & animals) Radioactive materials – instruments containing radioactive source radioisotopes for research Corrosive materials – acids, alkalis, metallic mercury, thermometers containing mercury, barometers Miscellaneous – magnetised materials, formalin etc Restricted Articles:

If in doubt of any articles you may be carrying please contact or operations department for advise prior to flight


Check-in – Passenger Flights

Passengers departing from a Executive Helicopters’ facility, or a private/hotel site should be available for boarding at the helipad 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time of the helicopter, to allow for a safety brief and security checks.  If departing from an airport, please allow 30 minutes.  Failure to do so may result in cancellation of the flight or additional charges. Check-in – Filming Flights Film crews should ensure that they are available one hour prior to the scheduled departure time of the helicopter, to allow time for camera preparation, safety brief and any security checks.


Passengers transferring to a Executive Helicopters service should advise our staff of inbound details at confirmation.  In the event of the connection being delayed, Executive Helicopters will make reasonable endeavour to continue availability beyond the scheduled departure, but reserve the right to cancel the booking.   Passengers transferring to domestic commercial fixedwing flights are recommended to allow a minimum of 1 hour from the arrival of the helicopter to the scheduled departure time. For overseas flights, please discuss with our operations department