Corona 350 IR Inspection Camera System and helicopter rental

Executive has just taken delivery of a state of the art Camera System, The Coronal 350 system iis available for  hire on a short term hire basis or for longer term contracts.   Executive can provide a specialised operator  and single or twin engine aircraft depending on your needs.  Rates are  in the region of €2,000 per day,  Contact  +35391783300 for further details and exact quotation depending on your needs.


Camera Specifications

The Corona 350 is a gyro-stabilized gymbal containing four different cameras: an Ultraviolet camera for corona detection, a thermal imaging camera for detecting hot-spots in powerlines  a visual light camera and a digital frame camera. The Corona 350 is the ideal instrument for aerial power line inspections.  The Corona 350 IR inspection system offers utility companies a complete solution forthe inspection and maintenance of transmission lines, distribution and substations. The thermal imaging camera and UV technologies are complementary and are an ideal combination for setting up a well established predictive maintenance program. The camera is fully solar-blind and can visualize corona in full daytime without being affected by sun radiation. Corona and arcing occur by stress of the electric field which is not current dependent and therefore can only be revealed by UV inspection. Radiometric Infrared camera A radiometric thermal imaging camera allows reading temperature values from the image. It can easily identify problems where the fault is apparent as a change in temperature. Potential defects will be mainly exhibited as hot spots and thermal gradients which will not be revealed by UV inspections.  Advanced Infrared software The Ethernet interface can transfer 16-bit radiometric data directly into a ruggedized PC for post-flight analysis of captured infrared images. The optional FLIR Reporter software permits retrieval and analysis of IR images.


Thermal Imaging Camera System rates for Hire

Contact our office at 09178330 for a quotation