The AS365 N2 is a member of Airbus Helicopters' medium weight Dauphin family of helicopters.


Some 825 twin-engine Dauphins have been delivered for civil use in more than 60 countries with nearly 200 operators. Together these helicopters have accumulated around 5.5 million flight hours.

The AS365N2 incorporates Airbus Helicopters’ Fenestron® tail rotor system and Starflex rotor head for low noise and maximum safety.

The quietest helicopter in its category,

With two engines, all weather capabilities the AS365 helicopter is the perfect choice for safe, luxurious yet efficient travel making it a versatile helicopter for both business charters and leisure travel.

The cabin accommodates up to 8 passengers and two pilots and is easily accessible via large forward doors. Big windows offer panoramic views.


Tan leather seats, navy blue carpet, tinted cabin windows. Large luxurious cabin.


New exterior metallic grey paint with red accent stripe.


Seats 8 passengers
Cruise speed 170mph
Max range 500 miles
Max weight 4250kg


Formally known as the EC120, the H120 is a member of Airbus Helicopters’ light Colibri family of aircraft. In service since 1995, it’s one of the most advanced single-engine helicopters around.


The H120 has very low sound levels – partly attributable to the patented periflex main rotor head and the eight-bladed fenestron anti-torque tail rotor, and a series of cutting-edge cockpit features also make the pilot’s job easier.

Seating four passengers in quiet, spacious comfort, the H120 is a favourite for customers seeking a smaller private helicopter.

This is the perfect option for dashes across the city or to the country. Fly at up to 140 miles per hour, taking in panoramic views courtesy of the excellent visibility this aircraft boasts.

  • Seats 4 passengers
  • Cruise speed 140mph
  • Max range 440 miles
  • Max weight 1715kg

Airbus Helicopters H125

The H125 (previously named the AS350 B3e) outclasses all other single-engine helicopters for performance, versatility, safety, low maintenance, and low acquisition costs.


The H125 is a member of Airbus’ rugged and proven Ecureuil family. Some 6,000 Ecureuils have been delivered in nearly 120 countries for some 1,900 operators. Together, these aircraft have accumulated more than 30 million flight hours.

It was originally produced by French firm Aérospatiale, which is now owned by the helicopter division of Airbus, the European aerospace and defence corporation giant.

The aircraft’s powerful engine, multi-role cabin and forward-facing seats enable the AS350 to be utilised for VIP charter flights, sightseeing, aerial filming and photography, load lifting, air ambulance and pilot training, amongst other roles.

Its rotor head is renowned for its high-altitude performance – including setting a world record for landing on the summit of Mount Everest in 2005.

Built to extremely stringent specifications, with a focus on minimising noise, means in-cabin sound levels are so low that passengers can converse with each other easily. The aircraft can also be quickly started up and shut down saving more time on landing, and keeping engine noise to a minimum.

  • Seats 6 passengers
  • Cruise speed 150mph
  • Max range 140 - 386 miles
  • Max weight 2250kg

AS355 Twin Squirrel Helicoptor

An unobstructed cabin and forward facing seats that provide excellent visibility, making it a perfect choice for sightseeing flights.


The AS355 “Twin Squirrel” helicopter is probably the most synonymous aircraft with the UK charter industry. Offering unparalleled levels of safety and efficiency this light, twin-engine helicopter combines good cruise speed and excellent endurance.

The Eurocopter (now Airbus Helicopters) AS355 Écureuil 2 (or Twin Squirrel) is a twin-engine light utility helicopter originally manufactured by Aérospatiale in France (later part of Eurocopter Group, now Airbus Helicopters). The AS355 is marketed in North America as the TwinStar.

With two engines, all weather capabilities but relatively low running costs the AS355 helicopter is the perfect choice for safe, luxurious yet efficient travel making it a versatile helicopter for both business charters and leisure travel.

GB Helicopters operates the latest variants N & NP of the AS355 helicopter range. Defeating their predecessors on all platforms, including the ability to remain airborne for up to 3 hours and holding a cruise speed of 120kts. These Helicopters have an unobstructed cabin and forward facing seats that provide excellent visibility.

  • Seats up to 5 passengers
  • Cruise speed 140 mph
  • Max range 140 - 440 miles
  • Max weight 2600kg